40mm Black Locking Wheel Bolts - Set Of 4 - VW T5/T640mm Black Locking Wheel Bolts - Set Of 4 - VW T5/T6 40mm Black Locking Wheel Bolts - Set Of 4 - VW T5/T6 40mm Black Locking Wheel Bolts - Set Of 4 - VW T5/T6 40mm Black Locking Wheel Bolts - Set Of 4 - VW T5/T6
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40mm Black Locking Wheel Bolts - Set Of 4 - VW T5/T6

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12.49 ex Vat

Total: 14.99 inc Vat

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Plenty In Stock

40mm Black Locking Wheel Bolts - Set Of 4 - VW T5/T6

A must have for any van owner

These locking wheel bolts are 10mm longer then the standard aftermarket locking wheel bolts. These are designed to be used with wheels such as our Wolfrace Explorer Sahara as these wheels require 10mm spacers.

Aftermarket wheels, whatever the brand, will always be desirable and at risk of being stolen. With a standard ride height, people have no problem in getting a jack under your van and simply removing the wheels with the most basic of tools.

This is why we always run a set of high-quality locking wheel bolts on all of our vans. At such an affordable price, why wouldn't you protect a set of wheels potentially worth over one-thousand pounds.

These bolts are supplied as a set of 4 and include an intricately designed locking key in order to reduce the chances of anyone removing them.

Always ensure your wheel bolts are torqued to the recommended specs. We normally torque wheel bolts to 140nm on aftermarket wheels. Once installed, run the van for 50 miles or so and then double check the torque on each wheel bolt including the locking one.

VW T5 Transporter & Caravelle 2003>2009
VW T5 Transporter & Caravelle 2010>2015
VW T6 Transporter & Caravelle 2015>2019
VW T6.1 Transporter & Caravelle 2019>

*Will NOT fit earlier Transporter models*

Thread - M14x1.5mm
Seat Type - 60 Degree Taper (Cone Shaped)
Length - 40mm

Suitable for aftermarket wheels only that require 10mm spacers! (Please check your wheels bolts holes as these are tapered)

4x Black M14x1.5mm 40mm Locking Wheel Bolts
1x Polished Chrome Locking Wheel Bolt Key

Please Note - This sale is for a single set of 4 locking wheel bolts & locking wheel bolt key only

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us, but here are a couple of commonly asked ones:

What is the seat?
The seat is the part of the nut/bolt that comes into contact with the wheel in the bolt holes.
There are 3 main styles of seat:
Tapered - usually 60 degrees, this looks like a cone.
Radius/Dome - this looks like a bowl.
Flat - this is usually a flat washer.
What is M14 x 1.5?
This is the size of the thread.
The M number is the diameter of the thread and the 1.5 is the size of the pitch between each individual threads.
So an M14 x 1.5 is a 14mm diameter by 1.5mm thread.

Pricing: 12.49 ex Vat
VAT:      2.50
Total:    14.99 inc Vat
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