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Ford Custom

Ford Transit Custom Van Accessories & Parts

As the Ford Transit has been the benchmark for vans since they were released, branching into various size and shape configurations as the generations went on to match different needs. In 2002, Ford release a smaller variant called the Transit Connect, which was sold well for those that didn’t need anything near as big as the normal Transit van as it had grown. Lots of manufacturers in the market produced short wheelbase variants of their large vans, but when Ford released the Transit Custom in 2012, they had intended for it to be a standalone model, rather than a shortened edition, making everything bespoke to the customers that required something larger than the car derived Connect, but manageable for everyday use.

What are the Transit Customs like to drive?

As you can imagine, they’re smaller and more nimble so when compared to a normal Transit van, they’re easier to drive and park. The idea of being able to use a van as a daily vehicle became more normal thanks to minimising the pains of everyday use of a large van. Sporty in nature, the Custom holds the road well and looks great against the competition. Numerous styling and functional tweaks have arisen over the different generations which help improve driver convenience and reliability.

Transit Custom MK1 (2012-2018)

The original 2012 MK1 Transit Custom was a great platform, with a comfortable cabin and easily accessible rear load area. The hardwearing nature of the Custom allowed it to be a workhorse, not shy of getting stuck in with a good maximum payload to rival competitors, it was a popular choice for people in the trade, or weekend adventurers that needed more storage. The styling was sporty and fun without being controversial.

Transit Custom MK1 facelift (2018-2023)

Upon improving the engine in the facelift model in 2018, they managed to lower the fuel consumption to help people get more from each tank, alongside lots of styling and driver convenience improvements. The facelift model kept the chassis and most of the exterior styling the same, with the front styling and interior as exceptions, modernising as they went to include the latest technology without taking away the essence of the original model.

Transit Custom MK2 (2024 onwards)

As vehicle design had changed drastically in the 12 years since the launch of the MK1 Transit Custom, the MK2 was released. Designed to be entirely different but keeping the ethos that the original model had, easy to live with but created from the ground up to give maximum practicality. The all-new styling placed it in line with Ford’s car range, and boasting exterior features such as headlights which are far more than just styling, but also helped sculpt the outer of the vehicle to be more aerodynamic, and therefore increase fuel efficiency too. As more people demand more connectivity from their lives, and vehicles are no different, the Transit Custom MK2 boasts a colossal 8 inch digital dash, and a 13 inch centre console screen, so you can keep your hands on the wheel whilst everything else happens in the background.

Naturally as these vans are so popular, and what people end up using them for is so diverse, the accessory list covers lots of different products, perfect to find exactly what you’re after.