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Ford Transit Custom MK2 2024-

Ford Transit Custom MK2 2024- Van Accessories & Parts

The newest model from Ford on their ever-popular Transit Custom range, the MK2 is a step up from the last. Rather than a facelift of the previous version, this is a whole new van from the ground up, bringing it bang up to date, giving you the latest features and the same great finish youíre used to from Ford vans.

Whatís different in the latest Transit Custom?

In short, everything is new. Ford have gone back to the drawing board to modernise the success of previous generations of Transit Custom, especially for driving convenience. The cockpit is more refined for day to day working, including a brilliant new 13-inch touchscreen infotainment system with parking assist cameras.

Whatís like to drive?

As youíd expect from a Ford, itís refined and easy to live with. Unfussy windows and the additional mirrors allow for great visibility all round, keeping your blind spots in check. With options in manual and automatic gearboxes, and a variety of engine combinations, youíll have the choice depending on what suits you best. Usually, vans are cumbersome and heavy to drive, but youíll be pleasantly surprised to drive this one. Handling far more like a car gives a more natural feel thatís easy to transition to with light steering without feeling twitchy for easy manoeuvrability.

With good amounts of room in the front cabin, youíll easily fit 3 adults, with plenty of cubby storage pockets for taking your essential with you. The cabin floor size has been increased for greater passenger comfort and is now a flatter profile to allow for improved storage when not being used to carry passengers.

The rear payload area has always been a fan favourite amongst trades that need a good capacity without the colossal bulk of bigger vans, and the new Transit Custom doesnít disappoint bearing lots of resemblance to the previous generations.

All new styling

The new sleek look is more than just show pony work, itís more aerodynamic too, giving you better fuel range. With smaller headlights thanks to LED technology, the front end has become more efficient with less drag, Ford estimate around a 6% increase in economy. Keeping the styling in line with current Ford models with its front grille and bumper vents.

I dare say that due to the sheer popularity, most people who are looking at this new model of Transit Custom are going to have owned one of the previous models. One of the most important reasons it will continue to be a benchmark for other vans is as it hasnít lost the same great usable and flexible feel the previous generations.

The Ford Transit Custom is a great all-rounder favoured by trades and converters alike thanks to its universal platform, being an ideal fit for those that donít want to use a lumbering van every day, but still want a capable vehicle for those long journeys whilst being well mannered and easy to live with, even in urban driving. This new generation give the much needed update to an ever popular choice, setting the benchmark for medium sized vans even higher than before.