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Bonnet Protectors & Bonnet Bras
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Ford Transit Custom 2012-2018 Bonnet Protectors & Bonnet Bras

If you have a MK1 Ford Transit Custom, thereís a good chance youíve come across the odd stone chip in the last 12 or so years. They can unsightly and spoil the nice aesthetics of the bonnet paint, why not treat yours to essential bonnet protection to help cover up any paint damage you have, and prevent ones happening in the future, practical protection and adding style to your van.

What is the difference between a bonnet deflector and a bonnet protector?

Bonnet Protectors are constructed using flexible and hard wearing material, designed to fit over your Transit Custom bonnet perfectly, they fit snuggly to match the bonnet contours for a clean fit without major wrinkles or folds. Crafted from high quality materials to provide an extra layer of defence to help absorb the impacts from stones and debris, these protectors can be a real saviour, especially if they can slow down and stones that head towards the windscreen.

The material will help prevent scratches and swirl marks on the bonnet, as itís a big flat area itís not uncommon to pick up noticeable scuffs very easily, especially if your van is parked up on site. The design is specifically for your Transit Custom meaning installation is a no drill fitment, so you can remove any time you like.

Bonnet deflectors consist of a large hard plastic (or similar material) shield that attaches at the lower end of the panel, designed to take the brunt of debris up and over the windscreen, helping to protect the bonnet and windscreen to prevent chips appearing. Other up sides to fitting some of the larger profile deflectors is that as it pushes air and debris over the windscreen, it will usually push insects and bugs away from the screen too, helping keep your vision clear on those summer days. Often bonnet deflectors are shelf adhesive so can easily be installed, but some do require drilling for mounting brackets, so make sure youíre happy to do this before getting started.

If your bonnet deflector takes a hit and becomes damaged, you can easily remove it and replace with another to ensure you have maximum coverage without having the expensive alternative or replacing the windscreen or bonnet. Fitment can be as easy as simply cleaning the surface and using the pre-installed adhesive kits, or easily lining up the hardware to drill some mounting holes and attaching.

Adding a touch of style to your Transit Custom, these protectors and deflectors are available in a range of styles and finished to make an impact on how your vehicle looks. Whether youíre after a sleek and subtle design, or something bolder and more eye-catching, we have options to suit different tastes.

Ultimately if you do lots of miles then a deflector might be more proactive protection due to the likelihood to encounter stone chips on your windscreen, if you are worried than your Custom could get damaged whilst itís parked up then a protector would give you the assurance of helping that. Itís worth noting that removing a bonnet protector is a lot easier and can be fitted multiple times without the need of additional fitting kits.