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T5 Transporter 2003-2009

VW T5 Transporter & Camper Accessories & Parts

Volkswagen launched the T5 2003 following the success from its direct predecessor, the T4. A vehicle famous for its versatility that is available various formats, following VWs heritage from the iconic split screen T1 camper. Known for its German engineered reliability and high quality finish, it is often revered as a great platform to build upon. Offering a higher quality finish than other European brands for a reasonable price, a popular choice for both commercial and professional use.

What are the different types of T5?

The most common setup is the Transporter variant, a panel van that is predominantly used for transportation of goods or as a tradesmen vehicle for moving equipment and materials, although sometimes people will buy a Transporter as its easily converted to create sleeping and living areas, the perfect travelling companion. Usually, a blank canvas ready for tool racking, sleeping installations or ply lining for a job ready finish.

Caravelle variants are fully glazed vans, pre-fitted with additional seating and carpeted for comfort, they most resemble a mini-bus and are perfect for transporting people around. Designed to be flexible and adaptable thanks to the removable seatings, allowing for the capacity of a van without any major modifications. Often considered the best starting point to use as a day van, when fitted with blinds for privacy they can easily be used for sleeping and living areas. Offering transport for people during the week, converted easily for the weekend adventures!

Kombi variants are halfway between Transporter and Caravella models, the sliding doors are glazed that reveal a second row of seating, but still retaining a panel rear. A blend between storage and seating which can be perfect for those that need more seats without going to a Caravelle. If you consistently need people carrying capabilities, but like the idea of converting the rear storage to a static sleeping area, the Kombi could be ideal for you.

California variants are essentially factory built camper conversions, often incurring much higher price tags but they do come with the fit and finish that is hard to replicate. Fully equipped with beds, a sink, and fold up seating and a table to give you full touring capabilities straight away. Most camper conversion have used the California as inspiration when installation living or sleeping areas, making efficient use of the space given to get the maximum usability.

Other, less common models could include pick-up and crew cab pick-up variants of the Transporter vans, these will be identical at the front but are likely to be non-conforming at the rear. These model variants are available with a substantial number of engine configurations, ranging from a popular 1.9 litre turbo diesel, to a rare 3.2 naturally aspirated litre petrol engine. After winning awards for consecutive years, the T5 was discontinued in 2009 when Volkswagen announced the launch of the facelift T5.1 model, simply improving on years of success with the T5 model, but still retaining part of the T5 so as to not spoil the recipe.