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Leisure Accessories

Leisure Accessories, Roof Bars and Towbar Accessories

Nothing can beat the enjoyment of spending time away travelling, planning ahead lets everything run smoothly. Make sure you donít fall down on carrying capacity by maximising what you can take with you. You can add accessories to maximise your storage and to increase comfort levels when out on the road or pitching up.

How can I carry more on my travels?

Whilst vans and campervans might be very roomy, as soon as you have a few people sat down and a bit of luggage thrown in, it can suddenly become very cramped. Great options for increase where you can store additional luggage include Cargo box systems and roof bars. Cargo boxes attach on the rear of the vehicle to give extra room inside the vehicle too, fully lockable and adjustable to maintain access to the rear of cars (not applicable for all vans), theyíre also easily installed and removed for spur of the moment weekends away. Fitted directly onto your towbar and energising using the towbar electrics, itís a secure and fast way of installation that means you donít run the risk of damaging your paintwork.

Are bike carriers easily fitted and used?

Installation is a straightforward towbar mount, the same as the Cargo Box systems. Allowing a maximum carrying capacity of 4 bicycles, you wonít be taking up valuable room by dismantling and storing them inside your van. A great benefit of having bike storage outside your camper is an increase of room inside the van when youíre parked up without having to sacrifice security, thanks to the lockable AcuTight securing knobs. The range of bike carriers we sell can carry from childrenís bicycles all the way through to chunkier E-bikes and even large mountain bikes. Adaptors will allow most systems to be converted to take additional bikes, so if the plans changes and you suddenly need to be able to carry a third or fourth bike, add on your adaptor and away you go.

How can I increase space for more living room?

An essential for most campers is an awning. A retractable canopy shelter that is usually wind out, but there may be roll out options depending on the fitment. Awnings provide an efficient shelter from the sun and rain when parked up, deployable in a matter of moments. Increasing your living space by attaching rooms onto the awning arms allows you to increase living space or even provide additional room for cooking, where you wouldnít want to cook in a confined space such as inside the van. Awning shelter rooms can be utilised to give more spacious sleeping or communal areas for more comfortable adventures.

Do I need roof bars?

Roof bars are a great way of adding structure to be able to carry more accessories or luggage, they can also double up as a commercial product to carry longer length items, using the roof bars for contact and tie down points. Youíll find each set of bars will have different key features, so youíre sure to find the set best suited for your van.