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General Accessories

General Accessories

The needs or upgrades you want for your van are as individual as you are and making it your own can enhance the comfort and functionality of your van.

Whether youíre embarking on a weekend camping trip or travelling across Europe, we have a range of accessories to make your van more homely.

How do I get the most from the space in my van?

Travelling light isnít always possible, and if youíre spending a week or more away there is a good chance you will need quite a bit of luggage. You can maximise the space inside by storing items in rear mounted cargo box carriers or utilising roof bars, leaving for living and sleeping space without having to change your van. Cargo boxes offer a quick to mount and lockable area for up to 400 litres of additional space, keeping the weight and bulk low, alternatively if you need the space to carry bikes instead, Thule offer a range of specified carriers almost guaranteed to suit your needs. You can upgrade how useful your outdoor space is with your van by adding awnings and accessories, expanding your living space once parked up but with minimal space taken up once packed away. Outdoor space converted into communal or cooking areas are brilliant, utilising areas that are often diminished if the weather turns, usually offering more headroom.

Roof bars can be used for easily carrying long items, such as kayaks and poles for those that need to carry sporting equipment, you can also use roof bars for mounting awnings, lessening the need for professional awning fitting.

Can I increase the comfort my van offers?

Unfortunately most vans donít come straight from the factory ready to go, so tweaking the properties allows it to do exactly what you want. If youíre finding thereís a lot of resonating vibration and noise whilst driving, youíll find it more tiresome to drive and less enjoyable, not to mention potentially struggling to hear the radio or sat nav direction. Invest in some quality sound deadening and you will notice every time you drive that itís a far nicer place to be sat, hugely beneficial if you venture further afield.

Sound proofing will also help stop noise being transferred through the bodywork even when parked up, which would help you get a good nights rest in noisy areas such as festivals and busy campsites.

Insulation upgrades are essential if you are likely to sleep in your van. Once parked up, very few vans will have any source of heat. Insulation will prevent heat escaping by reducing the thermal conductivity, the side effect of this is that youíll reflect heat out in the summer too, which means your thermal insulation will work all year round.

Whilst there are lots of different type of insulation, each product listing will tell you which to use where, giving you peace of mind you can get the correct product for you need. With the ranges stocked varying from entry to high level, you have a good choice depending on your budget.