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Driveaway Awnings
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Dometic Kampa Driveaway Awnings

Awning tents are a great way to increase the space your have inside your campervan without having to sacrifice what you can take with you. By attaching an awning to the outside of your van you can increasing the usable living space when parked up without any major fuss, unlike most wind-out awnings that require very technical and often permanent fittings.

How do I attach an awning tent?

Installing an awning rail in a suitable place on your roofline is the first step, all awning tents will need a way to attach their frame to the van, and using an awning rail allows for an easy and quick pitch. The tubular profile on the awning will fit perfectly into the C shape channel on the awning rail, which helps to seal off the elements whilst creating a secure and easily reversible fitting between the tent and van.

What is a drive away awning?

If youíve ever wanted to be able to disconnect your vehicle from the awning quickly to be able to drive somewhere, but the thought of having to dismantle and pack away the awning has put you off, a driveaway awning would be worth considering.

The idea is that using a suitable driveaway ready awning, you can remove an adaptor between the van and awning, to leave the awning standing in place whilst you can use the vehicle separately. Instead of directly connecting the awning on the vehicle, an intermediate joining strip sits in to interface, often called a Kador, or driveaway kit. By pulling this intermediate Kador out, you quickly and easily detach the two, and this will allow you drive away without having to do anything else to the awning.

This is especially handy when you have to consider that packing up all of your living quarters to go out for the day, or even to the local shops would tie up vital storage space inside the van. Save time and space by opting for a driveaway kit when choosing your awning, you wonít look back.

What are inflatable awnings?

To give a faster and easier pitch, replacing the more traditional clip together pole frame, inflatable awnings are constructed using tubular airways, that when inflated to a good pressure, will hold the awning canopy in place, providing ample strength and flexibility. Without any poles in the construction, technically there are fewer pieces involved, and without hard parts being used in the framework, less parts to break or go wrong.

As you can expect, using inflatable awnings is a simple procedure of laying the awning in the suitable position, attaching to the roof rail for security, and simply inflating the awning. Once inflated, the awning tent will need secured to the ground using pegs and guide lines.

Depending on what you plan to do, and how often you will use it, wind-out awnings, and awning tents offer increased comfort whilst away, but itís worth considering if a drive away awning system could suit you more than one that needs packed away before you can use your vehicle.