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Thule Bike Carriers

Bicycles are an object that no matter how you plan it, take up more room than you would like, so naturally bike carriers are a fan favourite for lots of people that want transport them to their holiday destinations.

What different types of bike carriers are there?

Bike carriers are typically remembered are various straps and clips around the boot lid to try and hold it in place, marking every surface in sight and not filling you with confidence. Thule changed the game with their range of towbar and specific vehicle mounting kits. If you have a towbar then the obvious option is to use that strong mounting point to easily attach the whole system in a matter of seconds, giving maximum adjustment including a tilt system allowing access to car boots with the bikes still attached. Electric systems are integrated to be used in conjunction with the towing electrical system to give clear signals to vehicles behind you with all the bikes loaded up, and a suitable place to mount a number plate keeps you on the right side of the law too.

Is there a specific bike carrier for my Volkswagen Transporter?

The subculture of the Volkswagen Transporter (T6 models) has led to vehicle specific design fitment to give a custom fit and feel to the carrier. Engineered on a raise platform base allows the carrier and bikes to sit above the vehicles rear lights, diminishing the need to have additional lights or number plate holder. This carrier system fits directly on the tailgate boot lid which allows you to access the vehicle through the rear door with the rack loaded up, great for if you need to get to something in the boot in a hurry.

When the rack is empty, you can lift the platform whilst itís still fitted on the vehicle, minimising the space taken up without having to uninstall it, saving you time when you pitch up on site.

If you have a Thule 2 or 3 bike carrier and find yourself needing additional capacity, itís highly likely you can purchase and fit the relevant adaptor to extend your carrying limit, so you donít have to buy a whole new rack to suit the extra bikes.

Are bike carriers secure?

Thule and Volkswagen use a range of AcuTight torque limiter knobs for speedy and secure mounting, these are adjustable so they fit almost any bike, and are fully lockable for peace of mind when youíre away from your campervan. The arms are adjustable to help position your bikes away from your vehicle but also to separate from the next bike.

Will these bike carriers are suitable for E-bikes?

As E-bikes comprise of electric motors and batteries, the weight goes up. For a bike rack to be able to take the heavier bikes, it needs to be designed with higher capacity loads in mind. Models such as the Thule VeloSpace and Thule EasyFold are more heavy duty, and can therefore take the bigger and heavier machines.