Small Knock-On U-Channel Window Rubber Strip - Rear Windows Only -
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Small Knock-On U-Channel Window Rubber Strip - Rear Windows Only
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Small Knock-On U-Channel Window Rubber Strip - Rear Windows Only

1.88 ex Vat
Total: 2.26 inc Vat
Plenty In Stock Now - 1m Length - Individual Unit
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Plenty In Stock Now - 4m Length - Tailgate Window
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Our knock-on rubber strip is essential for window installations on your van

Once a cut is made into the side or rear of your van, you expose the inner and outer skins of the panel. Our rubber strip is the perfect solution for joining and covering these two very sharp and unsightly metal skins. The rubber also has an added benefit of helping to create a seal between the van and the glass.

We use this rubber strip on every window installation here at Vanstyle and our customers are always greatly satisfied with the job. No glue or bond is required. The knock-on strip simple stretches over the two skins with a little encouragement from a rubber mallet. One trick that we use to get an OEM look is to position the join somewhere out of sight along one of the straight edges. A good place for it is the rear or upper edge of the hole. This way you won’t see the small join (see the pictures in the listing for an example) and it'll make your job just that little bit more professional.

Don't forget, this is only required for a functional window installation, you won't need the rubber strip for one of our Blackout Windows.

We sell two different sizes of knock-on rubber strip. We've done research for you, so you don't have to. Our larger of the two is perfect for the sides of the van. The side panels use two skins (inner & outer) so require a larger u-channel. The smaller of the two is ideal for the tailgate or twin doors as they only use a single skin construction. Find our larger rubber knock-on strips here.

Twin Door Windows - 4.5m
Tailgate Window - 3.6m

Please Note - This sale is for your required length of Small Black Knock-On Rubber U-Channel only

Pricing: 1.88 ex Vat
VAT:      0.38
Total:    2.26 inc Vat
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