Vanstyle High Bond Premium Window Adhesive Fitting Kit - Double -
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Vanstyle High Bond Premium Window Adhesive Fitting Kit - Double
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Vanstyle High Bond Premium Window Adhesive Fitting Kit - Double

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21.25 ex Vat
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Vanstyle High Bond Premium Window Adhesive - Double Window Application

Our window bonding kits are a must when installing glass in your van. We offer only the finest bonds and primers to ensure a 100% adhesion rate, giving you peace-of-mind when undertaking this simple yet nerve-racking job. If applied correctly, this bond will never fail. The bond we use has a unique anti-sag quality, meaning that the glass will never drop or slide and remain in the exact position that it was originally placed.

Each fitting kit is suitable for only one glass install. We suggest applying the bond generously. You really don't want to run out of this stuff halfway through an install! This double fitting kit includes enough bond and primer to fit two individual glass windows to your van.

If at all you are unsure about the application of this fitting kit, please contact our sales team on 01623 797 358 who will be more than happy to walk you through the process. We will soon have a full comprehensive guide on our website which will leave no doubt in your mind of how to install window glass.

If you intend on installing one of our False Blackout Windows, you MUST leave a 2-inch break in the bond (somewhere along the bottom of the glass is ideal) for the air trapped between the glass and the body of the van to expand and contract with heat. If there is not break in the bond, the expansion of the air will cause the glass to be forced away from the body.

2x Master Bond Adhesive
1x Body Primer
2x Primer Wipe
2x Application Swab

Please Note - This sale is for a double window fitting kit only. No glass is included in this sale.

Pricing: 21.25 ex Vat
VAT:      4.25
Total:    25.50 inc Vat
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