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Dead-Ezy Insulation and Sound Deadening

Increase your comfort by installing Dead-Ezy sound deadening and thermal insulation on a budget friendly level. If you find that you’re suffering with increase road noise, engine vibrations or unwanted resonating, it’s worth using these products are they’re specifically engineered to help, Dead-Ezy mats, rolls, and sheets create a quieter interior environment conducive to relaxation and focus. Whether you're navigating city streets or embarking on a long-distance journey, Dead-Ezy's innovative solutions ensure that every drive is characterised by comfort and tranquillity. Transform your van into a peaceful retreat with these great value for money products.

Can I soundproof and insulate a van myself?

Absolutely, installation is designed to be easy to help people that want to take on the task themselves, especially if you’re doing a full camper conversion. Usually taking interior panels off is the biggest task, although you may need to navigate the electrical workings inside and around the doors. There are companies that specialise in making your van to be quiet and comfortable, so if you’re not looking forward to the task, you can always outsource it to get the job done.

Which products will I need for this conversion?

Naturally the products you need may differ with the vehicle you have, but as Dead-Ezy are a universal product. Most are self-adhesive or tape in place solutions, meaning you can often use multiple products depending on the location you’re trying to soundproof or insulate. Day van conversions are less likely to want insulation due to not needing the thermal insulation you would need if you were to sleep in it.

Where should I get started?

With a completely stripped, cleaned, and prepped van before you, the first step is to lay down the sound insulation on the clean, metal panels. The function of this first application is to reduce, if not eliminate, panel boom and annoying vibrations.
Self-adhesive mats are great as they’re available in both pre-cut sheets for fiddly areas like round corners and the edges of framework, as well as a large roll for the bigger areas.

How much should I do I need for my van?

We’d say that a 5 metre squared roll will adequately cover the side walls and roof of a large panel van. The sound insulation doesn’t need to cover 100% of the van’s panels. This can be applied as and where you think you’ll need it most, if you find your van excessively noisy, you may need some additional product to do the job. We like to apply it to the flatter surfaces as generously as we can without getting too fiddly.

The general rule here is to apply the sound deadening to no less than 50% of the inner surfaces to achieve the optimum results. Don’t panic if you leave some gaps! Vans from the factory come with very sparsely applied sound insulation. As you start to add the other components, they’ll work in harmony to kill almost all rattles and road noise.

Thermal insulation really depends on the space you have left, but if you’re likely to sleep in your van we would advise covering as much as you can to keep you comfortable. For bigger cavities you’ll need an EcoFill roll, but if you’re struggling for space then opt for the lower profile insulation roll. Sleeping close to a cold floor can be tedious, so we’d recommend using the liner insulation roll to keep the needed space minimal whilst providing a great barrier between you and the cold.