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Sound Deadening and Insulation

Sound Deadening and Insulation

Nobody wants to drive around in a rattling van or sleep somewhere that is cold through the winter and boiling hot in the summer. Put an end to being uncomfortable by uprating you sound and thermal insulation and taking back the control.

How does sound deadening help with noise?

Very often, panel vans will have minimal noise reduction due to nature of starting life as a commercial vehicle, which means comfort isnít always prioritised. Large thin metal panels donít hold heat particularly well, and they are prone to vibrating whilst travelling on the road, by sticking sound deadening mats or rolls to stop these panels vibrating as much, youíll reduce the amount of noise they make. Liner rolls may also help with keeping noise levels down, especially when combined with insulation and carpet, helping to layer up the noise reducing materials to keep everything a bit more civilised.

Sound proofing key areas in the van such as the rear cabin will help stop noise being transferred into the sleeping areas, this is especially important if youíre going to be trying to get some shut eye in built up areas or busy campsites.

How easy is sound proof my van?

Planning and preparation is key, using the correct materials and size in the right areas will make installation go a lot easier, we would advise using the bigger roll material for open areas, but stick to the smaller sheets for the tricky and hard to reach areas.Which insulation do I need?

The different types of insulation have different benefits, and areas that are they are best to be used in. Insulation materials such as fleece roll are great for stuffing large empty areas, they have a super low thermal conductivity rating thanks to be able to efficiently trap all the air, creating a thermal barrier between you and the elements.

Liner rolls are a low-profile foam insulation, perfect for areas like flooring underlay, keeping you away from the cold and helping soften uneven surfaces. Perfect for people who havenít doing this sort of thing before, liners tend to be pretty forgiving, as long as it goes down for a smooth enough finish, youíre likely to cover it with carpet or similar.

Anywhere between these two areas is usually covered by metallised film foam roll, his is the optimum, material for balancing thermal insulation with taking up minimal space. Great for walls and ceilings, and easily covered by panels or carpets so you can retain original fittings in most cases.

Thermal and sound insulation doesnít need to cover every inch of the interior, but weíd recommend covering around 50% for sound deadening, and as much as you can for thermal insulation.

Dodo Mat vs Dead-Ezy

On paper these two ranges are very similar products, and thatís because Dead-Ezy is made by Dodo Mat, but youíll notice the prices differ substantially between the two. Dodo-Mat is notoriously high quality but demand a big price tag, whereas Dead-Ezy give unbeatable value for money for those try to work a project on a sensible budget.