Bilstein Eibach Pro Swamper Extreme 35mm Lift Kit - VW T5 T6 03 -
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Bilstein Eibach Pro Swamper Extreme 35mm Lift Kit - VW T5 T6 03>
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Bilstein Eibach Pro Swamper Extreme 35mm Lift Kit - VW T5 T6 03>

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Rise above the competition with our all-new Bilstein Extreme lift-kit

The 35mm Extreme lift-kit combines only the finest components of two of the world's most renowned suspension manufacturers to create the perfect solution for the Transporter owner.

Lift-kits are becoming huge in the world of van modification. Particularly among the Transporter community. To have a lift-kit fitted to your T5 or T6 is as respectable and impressive as any coilover kit. The menacing looks and practical aspects of the lift-kit give the van a whole new feel and appearance. The extra 35mm lift gives the van the ability to traverse terrain that a standard-height van simply wouldn't be able to. The Bilstein/Eibach kit opens so many opportunities when camping and exploring.

The B6 Struts and Eibach Pro Sport Springs are built to the highest of standards, designed to take abuse and still perform under pressure and strain.

With full TUV certification, this kit allows you to travel the continent with confidence in your vehicle. Say hello to the ultimate van.


What makes this kit EXTREME?
The kit still contains all the same components as the original 35mm lift kit. Both kits use the same spring set-up and rear dampers. The front dampers, however, offer approximately 25mm further travel. This may not sound like much, but it makes all the difference when tackling the most adverse terrain. The increased travel allows the suspension to remain planted in harsher off-road scenarios meaning you ultimately have greater control over the vehicle when it matters.

Will I get 25mm extra lift?
Put simply, no. The springs in this kit are the same. This means that your van will have the same ride height as the standard 35mm lift kit we offer. However, the EXTREME kit (with its longer front dampers) almost eliminates the likelihood of your suspension ‘topping out' when tackling the gnarliest of trails. You may see a small increase in ride height due to the longer front dampers, but this isn't measurable and totally vehicle dependant.


VW T5 Transporter & Caravelle 2003 - 2009 Models
VW T5.1 Transporter & Caravelle 2010 - 2015 Models
VW T6 Transporter & Caravelle 2015 - 2019 Models
VW T6.1 Transporter & Caravelle 2019 Onwards

Please Note - The front struts vary in design between T32 & Non-T32 vans. Please select the appropriate kit from the drop-down at the bottom of this page.


2x Front Bilstein B6 EXTREME Dampers
2x Front Eibach Pro 35mm Lift Springs
2x Rear Bilstein B6 Dampers
2x Rear Eibach Pro 35mm Lift Springs
2x Rear Replacement Spring Cups

*We are unable to offer fitting of this item if your vehicle is a 4Motion model*

All specified lowering rates may vary approx. +/- 10 mm depending on vehicle standard specification, options, tolerances & age. For example, camper conversions, carrying varying weight in the rear.

*After any adjustment to a vehicle’s ride height, it is recommended the vehicle’s geometry is checked and re-aligned using suitable equipment. Failure to do can result in excessive and uneven tire wear and in extreme cases even affect the vehicles handling. Please note Vanstyle do not offer an alignment/geometry service and alignment is NOT included within the Free Fitting Service. *

Please Note - This sale is for a full Bilstein B6 w/ Eibach PRO-Kit Springs + 2 rear spring cups only.

Pricing: 952.00 ex Vat
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Total:    1,142.40 inc Vat
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