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Front & Rear Spoilers for Vans

One of the most stylish upgrades you can apply to your van is a front or rear spoiler.

There are many cheap, ill-fitting products available on the market but at Vanstyle we offer seriously good quality spoilers which will transform the look of your van.

Vivaro, Trafic and Primastar owners have been hugely impressed with our twin rear spoiler. Built for vehicles with twin rear doors, this is a styling ‘must have. Supplied in a primer finish ready to be painted, the quality of fit for this part is exceptional. It can easily be bonded into position with the materials supplied and being bonded into place means that no drilling is required.

For the VW T5 owners we have a range of both front and rear spoiler options. For the older 03-09 model we have a stylish front spoiler which really upgrades the look of your van. We have a similar version available for the facelift 2010> model. Both parts are manufactured by Cobra in Germany. The quality of these spoilers is second to none.

Whether you have a tailgate or twin rear doors on your T5 we have a spoiler option available for you. Again, these are supplied ready to be painted and are simply bonded into position. Durable and stylish, you won’t regret adding one of these to your beloved van.

For the Caddy we have a genuine VW option available and we also have spoiler options available for other vans including the Mercedes Vito.


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