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Inovit Blitz 20\" Black Machined Face Dark Tint Wheel & Tyre
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Inovit Blitz 20" Black Machined Face Dark Tint Wheel & Tyre

1,275.00 ex Vat
Total: 1,530.00 inc Vat
This product is usually despatched in 5 to 7 days 275/35/20 102 XL
This product is usually despatched in 5 to 7 days
This product is usually despatched in 5 to 7 days 275/40/20 106 XL
This product is usually despatched in 5 to 7 days
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We're very pleased to add the Inovit name to our ever-growing catalogue of high-quality wheel brands!



The INOVIT™ Blitz is a beauty to behold that has recently entered the INOVIT™ range, bringing with it a multi-layer and mesh design style. This article was meticulously and thoroughly engineered to reach a state we could not claim as anything other than perfect. Every edge and feature was strategically incorporated into the Blitz so that it exerted a sense of exquisiteness, which effectively gives off a deluxe impression. 



Since its establishment in 1998, INOVIT™ has grown from a small home-office operation in the Netherlands to a globally recognized brand, known for its precision engineering, unique design, employment of advanced technology and above all, innovative approach at each stage of production.

Inovit is one of the few companies able to deliver on the three main criteria when browsing commercial wheels: quality, load rating, and visual aesthetic. We do our very best to offer our customers the full package, and we believe we've found the perfect balance in Inovit.

This Californian-based design and engineering team have pulled out all the stops when putting together the 2020 range of luxury wheels. The concise, yet varied, range of load-rated alloys is available in a variety of fitments and finishes, all of which we plan to offer in the near future.

INOVIT™ products are the trendsetters of the aftermarket wheel industry. We incorporate the latest design languages such as multi-layer, straight barrel, inner lip, directional, side milling, ball cut side milling, etc. into our designs.

Inovit uses a method of wheel building called Flow Forming. This is essentially the middle-ground of wheel production being the next best thing to forged manufacturing. Strength is increased and the total weight is reduced. A result of the flow-forming procedure is Inovit's very impressive 1950lbs load rating, more than enough for any T32 camper!

We guarantee that the 2020 catalogue of Inovit wheels will give your van the prestigious look you're aiming for, whichever wheel style you opt for.



Size: 20 Inch
Width: 8.5J/10J Staggered
Offset (ET): +35/+40 Respectively
PCD: 5x120
Centre Bore: 72.6mm (Spigots Included)
Max Load (per wheel): 885kg/1950lbs


Lower offsets give your vehicle the oh-so desired fitment. For instance, an offset of ET+35 will give you 10mm more poke than a wheel of ET45+. Unfortunately, this comes with a trade-off. With certain offsets the sliding door functionality is limited as the interior plastic panel can be known to catch on the rear wheels. We've had experience with the inner panel grazing the wheel when the sliding door is fully opened. We urge you to check if a fitment is appropriate using Will They Fit before placing an order.

If you'd like to speak to one of our experienced sales staff to discuss your options, please call the number at the top of the page.

As part of this package, your new alloy wheels are fitted with either 275/35/20 102 XL or 275/40/20 106 XL value-branded tyres. Coming to you fitted, valved, balanced and checked. Click Here to view the wheel only package.

The 275/35/20 tyre offers a low-profile appearance but does not meet the load rating criteria for a T32 van.
275/40/20 tyre is the ideal tyre for any van up to and including T32 vans but has a slightly taller sidewall giving the wheel a greater overall circumference. If you have any questions regarding tyre sizes, please contact our sales team on 01623 797 358.


VW T5 Transporter & Caravelle 2003 - 2009 Models
VW T5.1 Transporter & Caravelle 2010 - 2015 Models
VW T6 Transporter & Caravelle 2015 - 2019 Models
VW T6.1 Transporter & Caravelle 2020 Models Onwards


4x Inovit Blitz 20" Black Machined Face Dark Tint Alloy Wheels
4x 275/35/20 102 XL or 275/40/20 106 XL Load Rated Tyres (Fitted)
1x Full Fitting Kit w/ Spigots


Please Note - This sale is for a set of Inovit Blitz wheels & full fitting kit only

Pricing: 1,275.00 ex Vat
VAT:      255.00
Total:    1,530.00 inc Vat
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